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History | Camping De Oude Barrier

The history of De Oude Barrier goes back a long way.

It is said that during the occupation off the French under Napoleon there was a toll point on the site where the campsite is now.
This is what the current name "De Oude Barrier" (The old Barrier) would refer to.

Afterwards, the location remained in use as an inn where both horse and driver or rider could refuel.

After the Second World War, the orchard behind the inn slowly but surely turned into a campsite that now amounts to more than 30 hectares.

Today, the site is the primary reason visitors stop here.

Tourists from all over the world come to Smakt in North Limburg to feast on the asparagus that is harvested in Limburg every spring.

A nice meal with a fresh asparagus is therefore a pleasure to stop for.
This is possible both here in the village and in the villages in the immediate vicinity such as Geijsteren, Maashees, Well, Wanssum, Horst etc. Actually throughout North Limburg from Groesbeek and Mook to Nederweert and Roermond.

Although we are very rural, we are not a VEKABO or SVR camping. The mistake is easy because we would clearly fit in. We are also not an ANWB camping. However, we are mentioned in the Camping Navigator and the ACSI guide.

Our campsite is located in a rural area and is very nature oriented.